【1 piece stand up pouches】
【1 piece stand-up zipper pouches】
Stand-up zipper pouches are made with Japan-made re-closeable zippers which provide excellent seal. The unique advantage of the product is the one piece bottom seamless design. There is no leakage issue with the seamless design. Custom printing applied as requirement. Two bottom gusset styles to be choose from:

1. K seal bottom styles: in this style, seals on both sides rise from the bag. This takes stress off the seals on either side of the package, suitable for liquids or heavier contents.

2. Round bottom/Doyen style: in this style, the edge of the gusset is welded to the sides of the supporting walls, support it to stand up. Stand up pouches made with the round bottom gusset are ideal for light weight products such as snack food, liquids or fruits.
【Quad seal pouches】
Quad Seal bag will have all four corners sealed along the full length of the bag. The different from pillow bags, quad seal pouches provide uninterrupted printing area to both the front and back of the bag. It gives a unique look to the bag. The bags commonly are made of multi-layers moisture barrier films. With K seal bottom, the bag will square-off the bottom when filled. It is ideal for grains, rice, pet food...etc. packaging.
【Zipper bags】
【Quad seal Pouches】
【3-side seal bags】
【Pillow bags/T-seal bags】