Preservation period Materials &
Key Materials The uses of packing Features
Long-term preservation PET/AL/LLDPE(CPP) AL Coffee, tea, milk powder, pharmaceuticals, melon seeds Excellent air prevention, moisture resistance and UV resistance
Long-term preservation PET/AL/RCPP AL, RCPP Meat products, bags for pasteurization, retort bags Pasteurization bags, food can be stored at room temperature and will not degenerate
Long-term preservation
(Oxygen proof)
KOP(KPET)/CPP KOP, KPET Moon cake, cake, dried tofu, biscuits, bonito lakes Good anti-oxidation, pollution prevention, moisture and fragrance preservation
Long-term preservation
(Oxygen proof)
KNY/LLDPE KNY Vacuum packed cakes, dried tofu, vacuum packaging, rice pouches, frozen sausage, Chinese bacon, salty pork, nuts Vacuum, high oxygen barrier, good strength, good quality for large  packaging
Long-term preservation PET/AL/CPP AL Potato chips, biscuits, chocolate, oatmeal packet Excellent anti-oxidation, moisture and UV resistance, not easy to produce pinhole during procedure
Long-term preservation
(Oxygen proof)
Unryu, cotton or kraft paper
KNY Long-term preservation of pineapple cake, cake, coffee, Dorayaki Different material combinations give the product a specially look
Mid-term preservation Unryu or cotton paper/CPP CPP Mid-term preservation of pineapple cake, cake, coffee, Dorayaki Different material combinations give the product a specially look
Antistatic moisture barrier aluminum foil bag NY/AL/LLDPE
Antistatic coating
ESD VMPET Various types of IC board packaging, semiconductor, electronic products packaging Suitable Depositary for precision electronic components, Semi-finished flammable chemicals, test samples, instrument
Mid- to long term preservation NY/RCPP NY, RCPP Bags for pasteurization(HTST), pickled mustard tuber, dried tofu, Tiedan, cold bamboo shoots Heat resistance, impact resistance, good strength
Mid- to long term preservation PET/LLDPE/OPS OPS Lidding films on PS plastic cup, applicable to all kinds of lidding films Impact resistance, no leakage after sealing, easy open
Short to mid- term preservation NY/LLDPE NY, LLDPE Vacuum pack, frozen sausage, Chinese bacon, nuts, rice bags Frost proof, cold resistance, impact resistance, good toughness
Mid- to Long term
KPET/CPP KPET The most common material, candied fruit, biscuits, candy bags Food for extended preservation period, high temperature resistant on sealing, good transparency
Short term preservation PET/LLDPE PET Refrigerated food, frozen food, seasoning packet, flour Good impact resistance, good strength, cold resistant
Material for microwaved food PET/RCPP RCPP Can be placed directly into the microwave oven, dishes ready to eat after microwave cooking. No harmful gases produced during the process. The best material and one of the few in line meet the U.S. FDA requirements. Microwave resistant, good mechanical properties